How We Can Work With You

There are three basic ways clients can do business with us:

1. Planning relationship - our preferred way of doing business:

  • Many of my clients need and value a high level of client service.This type of client interaction is called relationship based, which means we would work more closely together to monitor and implement your financial plan. We typically meet more often, three to four times a year, to reevaluate your goals and investment positions.

  • This is the best way to monitor your goals, investment performance and portfolio balance. My relationship based clients pay an initial financial planning fee.  In subsequent years, they also pay an additional fee to update their financial plan, usually annually.

2. Investment Management:

  • If clients are looking for help navigating the financial markets and investing their hard-earned money, they can hire me to create a portfolio for them and monitor and manage it on an ongoing basis.  We typcially conduct at least annual performance reviews but also more often, if the client wishes.
  • For this service I charge a percentage for the assets under management on a quarterly basis.  This fee is typically in the 1% to 2% annually.

3. Product based planning:

  • There are some clients who are interested in a product-based relationship. This is for those who already know what they need to do and are only interested in purchasing products through me.
  • For this type of service, I am only compensated through commissions from product sales. I do not, however, provide analysis or in depth recommendations on how you can best reach your financial goals and objectives.  I merely provide advice incidental to the sale of the product being purchased.

In order to determine how I may best serve you in the future, we typcially schedule a no-obligation meeting to discuss which relationship is most appropriate for you.


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